How can you teach a child about a country's...
geography? climate? culture? customs? history?
Through the medium of cuisine!


The Anderson Foundation, a private, non-profit, operating foundation, located in Abington, Massachusetts, is pleased to offer your grade 1-12 students youth groups an opportunity to explore a culture through its cuisine at Boston University.

This is a unique program which takes place in the Culinary Arts Department. The program is taught by a BU professor assisted by students enrolled in the School of Culinary Arts. It lasts approximately 1.5-2 hours.

During this time, your class will have the opportunity to...

  • See the foods being prepared in the Boston University demonstration kitchens
  • Learn about the ingredients, including herbs, spices and other seasonings
  • Learn about the culture and how the cuisine came to be

Following this, a lunch consisting of the prepared foods is enjoyed by the students.

Dates and times are limited; therefore, it is advised that you get your application in as early as possible.