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How can you teach a child about a country's...

geography? climate? culture? customs? history?

Through the medium of cuisine!


We are pleased to offer your grade 1-12 students youth groups an opportunity to explore a culture through its cuisine.

During this time, your class will have the opportunity to...

See the foods being prepared in the demonstration kitchens

Learn about the ingredients, including herbs, spices and other seasonings

Learn about the culture and how the cuisine came to be

Following this, a lunch consisting of the prepared foods is enjoyed by the students.

Dates and times are limited; therefore, it is advised that you get your application in as early as possible.

Recent Kids Cooking Classes

June 12, 2nd Grade cooked up recipes from Hopi

June 11, 8th Grade cooked up recipes from China

June 07, 6th Grade cooked up recipes from Kenya

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Download the Recipes

Take a look at many of the recipes taught entirely by working chefs and experts in the food industry.

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